This film has kept the expectations bar high ever since the team had been announced. For the latest sensation like Siva Karthikeyan, having PC Sreeram and Resul Pookutty and the Hollywood make up artists in the list is an opportunity of a lifetime. Also, the people are waiting to witness him play a lady, who is said to have equal importance as the male character. As the film title suggests, both have the equal screen-time (REngarajan engindra MOhana). The first look itself made the fans crazy, for the actor’s get-up and the background music (Remo Nee Kadhalan).

Then two single tracks Sirikkadhey and Senjitaale were released. They were blockbusters and instantly became the ruler of the Youngster’s playlists. Now that the trailer and the audio tracks have been released, we can’t wait to watch it in big screens. After Rajini Murugan, Siva’s pairing up with Keerthi Suresh for the second time.


The movie’s songs composed by Anirudh Ravichander have now become a part of people’s  play lists almost everywhere. The movie consists of seven songs including the theme track. They are:

1. Remo Nee Kadhalan

2. Senjitaley

3. Sirikkadhey

4. Meesa Beauty

5. Daavuya

6. Tamil Selvi

7. Come closer (Sirikkadhey reprise)

Remo Nee Kadhalan

This track is sung by Anirudh himself and lyrics were penned by Vignesh Sivan. Going by the charisma of the song itself, it seems to be a massive opening. The enormous use of instruments, mixed by catchy lyrics and voice clearly exposes the confusion that happens in the movie. We have been acquainted with this song for about 2 months now and we are a bit aware of the plot. This song, with all its charisma and colors quenches our hunger as a peppy number. This clearly indicates the massive transformation in the story which we have been talking about. For a music lover, this song translates the mood of the film, which we have witnessed in the trailer.


Creatively written by Vignesh Sivan and interestingly composed by Anirudh,who also lent his voice for this song  has topped the charts for a month now. The intricate,direct lyrics and boyish charm of the song are its highlights. The song travels in between a breezy melody and a heavy bass number. The song starts smoothly and goes up in bass through Anirudh’s voice and the music, yet it doesn’t cross the line, only to become a dance number. It is going to be the rhythm of youngsters for next few months.

Sirikkadhey song from remo Sivakarthikeyan Keerthy Suresh
Sirikkadhey song from “Remo” (inset) Sivakarthikeyan and Keerthy Suresh


Sung by Arjun Kanungo and Shrinidhi Venkatesh and has been penned down by Vignesh Sivan again, this song fills up for a perfect duet melody. As we all know, Anirudh is known for his unique style and heavenly melodies right from his first film. Vignesh has done magic with his pen to the tune. Also kudos to Anirudh to have brought Arjun down south. His perfect pronunciation blended with his voice is a pure bliss to listeners. Shrinidhi is a wise pick for a female voice that is fresh and clear.

Meesa Beauty

The foot tapper was sung predominantly by Richard, filled in by Anirudh. The song was written by Viveka. This is a jolly peppy song and is sure to be one of the teasing songs of the year. This is to exemplify the male character and the female character of the film. It has a treble base to it, which has been blended by Richard’s voice.


When Anirudh and SaNa combine, we can expect nothing short of a magic. Ku Karthik penning the lyrics in Tanglish, which is widely used by this generation. To add a bit of poetry to it, he had used  rhyming couplets. SaNa, who is known for his raw music had lent his voice to create a magical gaana which is going to be the trend setting gaana. Not only that, the song stands out completely out of  all the other songs in the movie and has a catchy tune to it. The contemporary change in the musical notes and instruments has paved way for a ‘thara’ local gaana edged with some brilliant composition.


Tamil Selvi

Vignesh Sivan’s fourth song in this film and sung by Nakash Aziz, has a trace of sarcasm. But the song tends to blend into background music. This seems to be a  love song. It starts with a dual instrument music and goes on to include a lot of instruments supported by Nakash’s voice.

Come closer

To all the Inno Genga fans, this song is yet another feather falling from his cap. To all the ones who don’t know this guy, here’s the gateway to become his fan. This is a typical Inno Genga composition.

On the whole, Remo is a divine jukebox! From peppy numbers to soulful melodies, it has it all.It is thoroughly enjoyable. What less can we expect from SaNa!!