CAST-Sivakartikeyan, Keerthy Suresh, Saranya Ponvannan, Satish

DIRECTOR-Bakkiyaraj Kannan


After giving continuous hits ,Sivakarthikeyan  is back in action with his new flick REMO which has broken all records at the box office. With Sivakarthikeyan playing multiple roles in the movie as a  female nurse and an old man,he sure has won not only Keerthy’s heart but also the audience”s heart.

The film begins with Siva trying to become a popular actor but  he fails due to his lack in acting skills. When he comes across Keerthy a doctor, he instantly falls head over heels for her but becomes despondent when he knows that she is already engaged to a NRI doctor.

This is when Siva disguises himself as a nurse named REGINA CASSANDRA to make Keerthy understand that she is making a mistake by settling for an arranged marriage. With comedian Satish who has worked with Siva in many films has once again delivered a good sense of humour in this film with funny one liners. Saranya Ponvannan portrays as Siva’s mother in the film and there is no need of explaination of her performance in the film, every child would expect a mother like Saranya and her character is applauded by the audience in the film.

The second half of the movie is not that conceiving with the emotions and romance scene when Keerthy comes to know about the true identity of Siva. The climax turns out to be a bit sloppy where Siva masquerades as an old man and Keerthy finds out about his disguise when his face mask falls.She calls Siva a cheater and beats him up and asks him to marry her. The movie ends with Siva and Satish acting in a movie which seems to be Siva’s life story directed by K.S Ravikumar in which SriDivya plays a guest appearnace as a doctor.

The young and vibrant Anirudh whose beautiful composition of songs ‘SENJITALEY’ ‘SERIKADHEY’ ‘VAADI EN TAMILSELVI’ makes your feet move to the tune. Cinematographer P.C Sreeram makes the film look brighter and colourful and the perfect sound designing by Oscar winning sound designer Resul Pookuty makes the film sound wonderful.

Though REMO has no charm, it entertains the audience with background score and awesome acting skills displayed by the cast.

With 7.5/10-IMDb