Finally, after a big hustle, the Rio Olympics had come to an end. India had returned home with a bronze, a silver and a lot of heartbreaks. Bagging 6 medals at London Olympics, India had only expected more medals this time. But, we didn’t win any until the 12th day. When India’s dream was being shattered, two girls emerged and held it all up together.


India competed at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 5 to 21 August 2016. The Indian Olympic Association sent the nation’s largest ever delegation (a total of 117 athletes; 34 larger than their previous record of 83 athletes in 2012 in Summer Olympic History.

This time, Badminton and Wrestling stood up against all other games. PV Sindhu’s Silver was a path breaking achievement. In a country that looked up only to Cricket stars as athletes, Sindhu’s silver turn a billion heads towards acknowledging other sports.

Sakshi Malik has shown the country that, place of birth or how you were brought up are not hurdles in our life, if we really have the passion to achieve something.

It was 0 for 8 when Sakshi walked in and mustered up all her game. She then fought and got her opponent for 12-8. This shows the real women power which brought home our first medal on the 12th day. Michael Phelps must have found the Indians crazy for celebrating that victory so much (He had won 21 Golds in the Olympic). Still, that medal was worth a billion hearts.

Apart from these two, there were a lot of displays which raised our hopes to win a medal. Dipa Karmakar, Abhinav Bhindra, Sania-Bopana were so close that we almost believed that the medal would be ours.

In that, Dipa Karmakar is the best. Her outstanding talent in Gymnastics made people adore and respect her talent. She hails from a place that doesn’t have proper facilities to train in Gymnastics, yet she held her nerve and made people to do so in Death Vault, missing the bronze only by 0.15 points. She showed the world what determination is and is preparing herself better to face the Tokyo Olympics.

Beijing Gold medalist Abhinav Bhindra finished 4th in the 10m air rifle event which was one of the most shocking incidents. Sani-Bopana pair were not so happy to have acquired 4th place in mixed doubles.

Shooters, Archers, Hockey players, Tennis players had all disappointed the Indian audiences. Prime Archer Deepika Kumari, who had so much support to win a medal also failed to do so. She missed the target altogether in the qualifying rounds to much embarrassment of the Indian fans. Shooter Jitu Rai and his team also failed to win a medal, coming close to qualifying for the finals.

Lalita became the only athlete after PT Usha for qualify in 3000m steeple chase. The world went dumbstruck when PT Usha qualified in a field in which only Kenyans and Ethiopians dominated. But Indians cannot be staged to any events like that due to the lack of consistency. Rio Olympics is a big example for that.

Internationally, this Olympics had become the last for two reigning kings of Olympics – Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps. They both are the legends in their respective fields. By winning his 3rd gold in Rio, Bolt became the 1st athlete ever to have gone unbeaten in his field, in the same track, for consecutive 3 years. To top the chart, USA holds the most number of medals (as always) with 121 medals, followed by UK and China.

This Olympics also witnessed the engagement of 2 pairs of athletes which was admired by people all over the world.

In case of India, this might be the wake-up call for the nation to find and train them. It’s not that this country has no talents. It is just that we are too ignorant to notice them and give them proper training. Most of the countries had moved on to discuss and train for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. India should also get worked up in that, rather than spending most of our time celebrating Rio 2016.