Safety is a Child’s Birth Right

Violence against women and children are a global problem and is not limited to a specific group. Considering this School of Success in association with Ethiraj College has organized the second edition of the stay fearless show. It is a program on women and child safety. The first edition was more focused on women empowerment but this year they have focused on the child safety too. Why child safety because a lot of children and parents are very scared in the present.

This show had a lot of women achievers and the main motive of this show is to highlight the positive side of life. There was a kids panel discussion where many boys were also present. The discussion was very wonderful and the kind of questions the kids asked was brilliant. Like a kid asked, “why don’t you ask boys to sit back at home after 6 pm so that we can freely go”.

There was a stage walk among the boys and girls where they all held hands together and walked. A total of 1200 people were there. This event was on Independence Day and it was because a true freedom is to stay fearless.



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