Sekala Niskala – Won best feature film at Berlin International film festival

The first feature film Sekala Niskala: The Seen and Unseen, from Indonesia has won the grand prix of the Generation KPlus International Jury for the best feature-length film at the Berlin International Film Festival 2018.

According to the reports, Kamila Andini had a specific version of movies and basically narrates the unique perspective of the story and its emotional journey. The jury said that the movie was successful because of the authenticity and mysticism.

Kamila said that movies don’t need to be uniform but at the sametime Sekala Nisakala was not easily made. The film featured Balinese artists and it is in Balinese.The story tells about the twins and one of whom is dying. The film has alot of emotions which includes the childhood days.

The film has won awards before namely Best Movie at the Jogja Netpac Asian Film Festival and many more.