Small talk with Vivek, South Indian Adjudicator for India and Asia Book of Records

There are many talented people in the world. But no one knows the person who is supporting them and helping them out to achieve things. Here is a small talk with Vivek , South Indian Adjudicator for India and Asia Book of Records. 

When did you start all this?
I am a Limca record holder. I was doing anchoring for a small program in a local TV channel and I was doing anchoring for 24 without a break and got into Asian Book of records and Limca Book of Records. My journey started from there and now its almost eight years.

What is your motive?
My motive is to make a normal person an achiever. If you get me a normal person, i can thoroughly learn about them and motivate them.

Who is your role model?
Obviously its Abdul Kalam sir. I also feel so blessed that I met him in person.

You help many people to achieve. What would you like to say to the upcoming achievers?
There are alot of people who say god has given me talent and all but I would say it as a myth. It is not that others should find your talent first you should find your talent. One should not wait for an opportunities, you yourself have to create an opportunity. Because only when you knock the door, the door will open. Because if you just stand outside and wait for someone to open then it will not open. There are many people who are talented. Like there are people who have created records with the pen. Also in this century, whatever you do you have to promote yourself. Without promotions in this world nothing will work. And there are many talents who gets unnoticed due to the fake records organization.

Is anything that you always wanted to do but haven’t done yet?
There are many life flaws in India where people consume the expired medicines. My idea/opinion is that when you go and buy two paracetamol tablets in a pharmacy they just cut the two tablets and give you. Then how will you know the expiry date of the tablet? So my idea is that the expiry dates should be printed in the rear side of all the tablets. It might sound simple but it helps alot of people.

Where do see yourself in the other 5 years?
I have helped around 500 plus people to achieve and in other five years I wanna make 5000 plus achievers. My happiness depends on others. When others are happy, even i’ll be happy.


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