God bless the day dubsmash was invented for we would have never come across this talented beauty. Mirnalini Ravi is getting closer and closer to her dreams and passion for acting through her fame, thanks to thousands of fans who have recognized her talent for dubsmash. What started out as a simple pass time hobby has now made her shine bright like a diamond. Without any contacts or known branches in the film industry she has managed to capture the hearts of thousands of people who plead to see her on silver screen one day. Here are few questions answered about her-


Tell us about yourself?

I am working for an IT company as I have formally finished my education in that field. My real-time passion and vigour is towards acting and dancing. I use dubsmash to relax myself as it makes me feel like an actress every time I use it.


How did dubsmash happen?

Like I said my deepest locked up secret is to become an actress, I hadn’t told my parents about it though. Once I was done with engineering and was well placed in a company I was sharing my desires with my friend and she suggested why not try dubsmash. The app had released years before I started using it. I honestly wanted to check out how good of an actress I was by using dubsmash. I posted my first one in my mellow Instagram account with mere 400 followers and was enthralled by the positive reviews and feedbacks that I received. Soon after that my friends and followers would request for me to try on more and more dubs and post it on Instagram. One fine day a compilation of my dubs went viral on Facebook and that’s where my journey to stardom began.



Adding on?


When the gates to my dreams finally opened for me, I was met by my parents who stood in front of it blocking my way. They had no clue I had so much passion towards acting and cinema. When one part of my goalwas getting fulfilled I, dint want to back down, so I ended up ushering my parents about how much I am dedicated to what I want to pursue in life. As of now I am taking baby steps by reinforcing them every time I go out for a show.



How are you handling the new-found fame?


Well, it is quite normal in Bangalore as I maintain a low profile here but when I travel to Chennai I do get a lot of attention. It feels nice to be recognized for who you are and your interests.


What do you feel about the virtual fan following?


They are quite overwhelming, some of them send me messages stating my videos help them relax from stress and a lot of them congratulate me on my work. It is very nice of them to take time and appreciate my efforts.


Your take on cyber bullies and haters?


Oh! that’s what startles me, some of the hate messages are so uncalled for and rude in nature. But the only way I deal with haters is ‘if you don’t like it, don’t watch it’ simple. To all those who are targeted by haters it is always better to ignore them rather than reciprocating. Once you start to ignore it starts to decline.


As a pro dubsmasher what are the essential qualities required to ace at dubsmash?



I am not a pro dubsmasher !!! (screams) (laughs) I prefer going for dialogues that connect with me and are suitable. Also, I prefer making dubs which are not very serious in nature. I go for those that are light hearted and cute. It must make the viewers feel awe not the other way around. Comedy dubs are always a hit as it helps the people take a break from reality of life for those counted seconds. If you really want to get noticed by a director or producer I think you ought to go for those series ones. My personal choice is always oriented towards adorable and bubbly type dubs.





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