Small Talk with Twist ‘N’ Turn Sasikumar

Everyone has a passion. But do all of us concentrate on it? Well that’s a rare scenario. Here is a small talk with Choreographer Sasikumar who turned his passion into profession.

What inspired you to choose dance?
Dance is actually gifted. Generally people have alot of talent but most of them won’t get recognition. From my childhood I used every opportunity to dance. Initially even i was one among the 1000 dancers. And then i wanted to learn something new and so I learnt Oyilattam during my schools days. Later I got an identification for my cinema choreography and so I got the confidence to pursue this. Also I wanted to be unique and with all my efforts I proved myself and succeeded.

What is unique about Twist ‘N’ Turn?
Twist ‘N’ Turn is well-known for its abroad shows. We did our first show in Dubai after which every year atleast three shows will be done in abroad. And till now we have done around 14 shows in abroad. It is basically very tough to do shows in European Countries but I did almost five shows there.

How supportive was your family?
Since no one is from a cinema background in my family initially I didn’t get any support. So I worked in a company as a project engineer for around two years. Later after a stage I decided to stay in one field and chose this. And after a while my sister supported and trusted me in what I am doing so things got better from then. Presently my fiance is supporting and helping me with my work.

Where do you see yourself in the other five years?
My only goal is to choreograph in films. Since there is a union problem I’m just sorting out things. And moreover recently we have opened a franchise for twist and turns in velachery and I want to open atleast two to three franchise and be a leading choreographer.

What would you like to say to the young aspiring dancers?
Usually when it comes to dance female has alot of opportunities to prove but only 25% of the female dancers are really passionate about it and they will definitly reach good heights. On the other hand, guys are also really passionate and hardworking about dance but since there are alot of competition and since the market is not available they are struggling. So no matter what be confident and concentrate on what you want. And the only thing i want to say atlast is that don’t dance for money it is an art and respect it.


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