Stephen Hawking dies at 76

Stephen Hawking, the great physicist and best-selling author died on Wednesday at his home in Cambridge. The man who cant speak, walk and move is an inspiration to everyone in the world and he roamed the universe with a wheelchair researching about the nature of gravity and the orgin of universe.

When he graduated in 1963, he found that he had a neuromuscular wasting disease also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. The doctors said that he might live only for a few years. The disease slowly reduced his body control but he didn’t lose his mental power.

Then he started exploring about gravity. Later his work turned out to be a new outcome of the modern physics. Hawking discovered that black holes — those mythological avatars of cosmic doom,were not really black at all.

On his thesis “Black Hole Explosions” was rejected by the scientists at first. Later the discovery of his radiation turned the black holes from destroyers to creators or recyclers. Hawking once said that if a person jumps into a black hole either he will not survive or his mass energy will come back which applies to whole nation

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