Tamil filmmakers requesting to postpone T20 tournament

Tamil filmmakers has called for a boycott of the CSK match in Chennai after forming a new forum named Tamizhar Kalai Ilakkiya Panpaattu Perava. Director Bharathirajaa said that “The T20 tournament at this time of the protest for setting up the Cauvery Water Management Board and against Sterlite is like a diversion. We are not asking for a ban on the tournament but it can be postponed as people are fighting for their livelihood”.The director refused to say whether the protest would be inside or outside the stadium and did not provide any right information. “You do not let out your war plans, similarly, I cannot divulge in what form our protest would be,” he added.

Actor Sathyaraj who was a part of the forum said that the youngsters got to know alot after the Jallikattu protests. But, the tournament will distract them at this juncture, so we want it to be postponed.

“We will be protesting in a peaceful manner, but if we realise that it isn’t working, we are ready to take weapons and fight,” warned director Ameer.

RK Selvamani the president of FEFSI requested the people to not attend the match and so if the stadium is empty the issue will get a global attention.

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