Textbookinstance of talent- Parvathy

A textbookinstance of talent with the accurate amount of beauty and courage is Emcee Parvathy. She has successfully marked her presence on a national level as a multi linguistic Emcee. Without any prior knowledge or experience in the field of limelight, she has managed to achieve gears in the Emcee category. She is very down to earth and aspires to be on her own and set an example for all the independent women out there. She has worked with a lot of leading brands. She has also worked in tele series VINAI THANDI VARUVAYA telecasted in Vijay TV, as a second lead. Leading a life where she must be spontaneous and ever ready, she states that the detriments she makes for her current profession is lovable as it takes her one step closer to her visions. She believes firmly in the quote that practice makes a person perfect. Parvathy is currently pursuing her higher studies by herself with zero support from her folks. Miss Parvathy is not just an Emcee for people but also an ardent supporter of the four legged creatures, her free time is dedicated to animals and her pets who fill her home and heart.


A little about ParvathyI am a Malayali, born in Kerala but bought up in Coimbatore up until college. I came to Chennai as I got placed in TCS. My undergraduate degree is in corporate. The entire monotony of corporate life made me feel blue and boxed up. I wanted to exit and do something different from this, at first I thought ill continue higher studies but then again that would make me feel anchored to my parents. Emceeing was my first part time job apart from a regular job, it was the spark that made me realize I loved doing this. I guess I must thank a lot of senior Emcees who helped me fall deeper in love with this field. Right now, I am a full-time Emcee.


What drew you to this field in particularI had null percent knowledge in this field. To be honest my life in Coimbatore revolved around a cycle, where we study and grow up and end up working till we retire. I was never aware I could pull off talking in front of public. An acquaintance got me this job on a part time basis. At that time, it was meagre in nature, later became a full-fledged part of my life.


How do you shoo away stage fear(ha-ha) Basically it is a very scary feeling you undergo before you get on stage. My main priority that time would be to perform smoothly and get down and I engage myself into self-talks and self-affirmations to keep the nervousness at bay. Most of the time you can catch me praying before a show. I’ll just pray to god to make this show, one of my best. It soon became my routine and I bid adieu to stage fear.


Did you face any discrimination because of your gender in your field-Equality is on its way to be served to us? Challenges due to gender discrimination is high but one can easily handle It in a clever and mature way by learning to set boundaries and being assertive when required. I am thankful to lord that the people I have worked with have been extremely cautious and concerned with the safety of their women employees. Also as women we must be bold and stand for our rights.


So, what are you doing this evening – Is that a rhetorical question? (ha ha) honestly, I don’t even know what I am doing tomorrow. My job requires the availability of me on a 24-hour basis. And I work my other schedules around the circle of my job, most of them ask me if I miss out on life because of this, but I really don’t. I enjoy performing and indulging in my job and finally when I do get spare time I intend to use it for myself and my loved ones.



You have shifted from south to north pole, based on this would you provide the youth of Chennai with some advice – Most importantly, irrespective to the gender you belong, we always must work hard and strive to be on our own. Banking on our parents or family to provide might be cosy but it will never work in the long run. Even though my family is well settled there was time when I was on my own and dint have enough money to make ends meet. It’s all about finding your passion and working hard to climb to the top step in your vision. And once you find your iron you will stick to it like magnet.







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