The Casteless Collective

To create political awareness through art and music director Pa Ranjith wanted to form a music band
that engages with the current political and social issues in the state. His organisation, Neelam Cultural
Centre formed a 19-piece band called The Casteless Collective that includes four rappers, seven
instrumentalists and eight gaana musicians, a popular folk music style in Tamil Nadu. “This is a collective
that is without caste, that aims to eliminate caste and religious discrimination through music,” said the

Not only to create social awareness but his aim is also to provide a platform for independent musicians.
Ranjith who grew up listening to Gaana songs wanted to do something for it. During the auditions they
were looking for some unique and innovative performers. Chellamuthu was one candidate who got
selected by singing a song about fisherfolk and their problems.
The concert on January 6 went viral on the internet. The artists were so confident that some change can
definitely happen in the society.

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