2016 has been an year where Horror films have been doing the rounds and being positively reviewed and are just not about blood and gore anymore.The makers have been improving the genre by doing research and using practical techniques to create the much needed scary atmosphere.The latest release this month Don’t Breathe” has been getting positive reviews from critics and viewers.


The movie has been written by Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues and has been directed by Fede Alvarez.The film has cast Jane Levy,Dylan Minnette,Daniel Zovatto and Stephen Lang and focuses on three friends who break into a blind man’s house and get trapped.

The story is about three teenagers-Rocky(Levy),Money(Zovatto)and Alex(Minnette) who  are desperate to make enough money to live a better life in California.They break into the house of a blind army veteran(Lang).They steal a lot of money but then things start to go extremely wrong very very quickly.

Right from the start the movie gives a spine-chilling feeling with an eerie looking house that is in an abandoned street and makes the audience believe that such houses do exist in reality.The story is typically normal till they break in the house but leaves the viewers nail-biting once the trio gets trapped.The movie has been captured well by cinematographer Pedro Luque especially during the scenes in the basement.The twist in the plot comes when the trio find out the blind man’s hidden secret.

Got the picture??By now it is obvious why the movie needs to be watched  and to find out why it’s called “Don’t Breathe”.It is a superb flick and worth a watch if you are in the mood to get scared!!!