Tik Tik Tik Music Review


The soundtrack of the movie Tik Tik Tik starring Jayam Ravi is out and almost 500,000 people have viewed and listened to it. The music was composed by D.Imman. It has vocals from various artists like Sid Sriram, Yuvan Shankar Raja,and more. There are almost 8 songs which includes a title track and two karaoke .I’m going to review 3 main songs in this soundtrack and the rest small descriptions. I like the fact that D.Imman tried to test out music in every instrument and that’s the uniqueness in his music.

1.Kurumba (Father’s Love):

This is a song i would want to review first because it somehow touched me especially with the beautiful voice from none other than sid sriram who was responsible for thalli pogathey’s success. His high pitch which is so elegant soft and edible to hear and a soft whistle from swetha suresh which gives a touch of childishness in this music, the instruments like violin, stringed instruments gave a good background base to sing on , a really nice song to listen to.

There is also a Kurumba Reprise with a female voice given by Mirtula Siva if you want to hear the same song with a different touch then go for this. It gives the same feel. Trust me.

There is also a karaoke version for the song attached in this soundtrack.

2. Tik Tik soundtrack

This song was aimed to give you an out of the world experience in the outer space and how it is to feel hardships in a new environment and changing your life especially the constant tik tik tik followed by a voice like : “ Tik Tik Tik , Un sevigalil sottu chottune kaala thuliyaa” . The vocals are given by Yuvan Shankar Raja and Sunitha Sarathy singing to madhan karky’s pure tamil lyrics and Yogi B’s voice rapping to his own words. Yogi B is known for his well versed rapping and amazing rap words which made this experience of a song really good to listen to. The tik tik and the next words from the singers is a beauty in this music.

A karaoke version for this song is also available

3. Vinveera

This song is like a motivational song to overcome any hardship and jump any endeavours with K.G. Ranjith’s adrenaline pumping voice singing to Karky’s lyrics and yogi b rapping to his own inspirational lyrics . The song really tells you to do anything and face any problem. I loved the lyrics a lot in this song just inspiring you to kick out any doors and show what you got . Lyrics like : “ Thayvaedhu Thaeyvadhu ellamey nee puthithay maaridathaney” was my favourite.

Other songs like Race against time which actually tries to give a race against time experience with a hard and fast instrumental and far beyond earth giving a space instrumental vibe. They are just background instrumental type music .

Rating : 3/5

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