To an optimist, the glass is half full, to a pessimist the glass is half empty but to MR. KARTHIK the glass is an art

We got in touch with the creative head of creative glass studio, a fun-loving man MR.CHENNAGIRI KARTHIK who has passion and love towards glass designing reeking from every word he says. The CEO of this studio is CHENNAGIRI MANJULA. Even though it is a family owned business the amount of devotion and hard work put in is highly appreciated. His main policy is to never repeat designs he has already used for one customer over another.

To an optimist, the glass is half full, to a pessimist the glass is half empty but to MR. KARTHIK the glass is an art and can be created into breath-taking entity. He is so far, the best boss anybody could ask for as he is extremely skilled with the art of patience thanks to working with glass. He believes in perseverance to succeed in goals. Here we present you with an extract from an interview with him along with the display of some of his finest designs and creations.


Tell us about yourself?

I graduated with a degree in hotel management but decided to enter my family business which deals with glass. It was very melancholic for me and I wanted something that irked a challenge or creativity, so I decided to start a new venture which dealt with glass designing. My family business has been on the run for the past 54 years with glass so it was sort of the exposure that motivated me to follow my heart and do something different yet similar. I am currently running designer glass factory in T. Nagar.


Does working with glass change your personality?

It requires a lot of fortitude and flair, it’s like working with an infant, you must be very careful in how you treat it. I am naturally a calm person but I do know when to be assertive.


How do you react when someone breaks glass?

Ha-ha! At first it might make me very angry but then I compose myself and think of what must be done next. Touchwood as of now my employees has mastered the art of handling glass in royal and delicate way.


Running a factory keeps you extremely busy, how do you manage time?

It is a lovable type of work and I don’t see it as stressful or hectic as this is my dream and flow of my art river. It can keep me busy from my family but the moment I go home I make sure I give my full attention to them and rejuvenate myself with my wife and daughter. We love going out and enjoying ourselves. She is just 8 years old and she wants to take over her dad’s business (laughs).



Where do you get your artistic inspiration from?

I used to be an artist in my childhood and noticing this, my mother encouraged me to pursue art as a career. Later onwhen we brainstormed we decided why don’t we combine art and glass and make designer glass. Soon after this thought I went abroad and completed a course in glass designing. Ever since then my life has been blissful.


What is your dream?

 My dreams will revolve around my factory and designs. I wish to make my product a branded one with franchises all over India.



What motivates you?

I wish to make new and unique designs that would bring contentment to my customers. The sense that my glass product will be decorated or displayed in their house makes me feel connected and happy. Hence, I am motivated to make designs that will bring smiles to faces and admiration to eyes.


Finally, as designers how do you handle mental block?


My tactic is whenever a design pops into my head; I immediately get down to business and make a note of it. Irrespective of the time or place always stay committed to your desire. I love designing so much that even when I am fast asleep I have dreams of designing glass. As an artist, we must get inspired by anything and everything.


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