True caller like spam protection rolled out by Google


Google has begun to roll out spam protection for “messages” after almost over six months of developing it for “Android” users.

According to Android Police, Google has now begun rolling out the new spam protection feature to the Messages app. Since it’s a server-side update and Messages is used by millions of Android users across the world, it may take a while for the new functionality to be enabled for everyone. However, having checked it out on smartphones, Users can confirm that it’s indeed there.

With the new feature, Messages app now “automatically tries to detect unwanted text messages to check if they’re spam.” If it doesn’t, you can ‘train’ the feature to work better by tapping on either one of the ‘Report spam’ or ‘Report not spam’ options. Thus, The feature works similar to “Truecaller’s” spam detection functionality. It’s worth mentioning that with spam protection enabled, some information about your messages is sent to Google. However, this doesn’t include your phone number or the actual content of the reported text messages.

The move is seen as the tech giant’s plan to minimize the use of the word “Android”.


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