Two Women enter Sabarimala Temple

Protests upsurge in Kerala as Two Women enter Sabarimala Temple, resulting to a State Wide shutdown.

Kottayam: This Thursday, Kerala was Disinterupted from peace as protests broke down causing a Statewide shutdown. The protests were caused due to the entry of “Two Women” who entered the “Lord Ayyappa Temple at Sabarimala.”

Once, the news of the women entering the temple spread, protests erupted with Right-wing activists blocking highways and forcing the closure of shops and markets.

KP Sasikala, The leader of “Sabarimala Karma Samiti’ said the government had betrayed the devotees. The Samiti, which is spreading protests against the Supreme Court’s September 28 verdict allowing women of all age groups to offer prayers at the hill shrine, urged people to cooperate with them in Their protest, Sasikala also urged saying the protests would be continued until “Pinari Vijayan” resigns as Chief Minister of Kerala.

She also stated that the Government acted like a “Coward” and took the Women to the shrine at “Early hours.”

The two Women who entered the Temple are to be below the age of “50.”

However, With the constant pressure from the people favoring on both

sides, The Government’s upcoming decision is extremely crucial and vital.

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