Village Ticket, An event that Honours the Farmers , Artists and Traditional Cooks


Village ticket, An exclusive event for the experience of local food, local culture, and the state. The event takes place in “Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology”, OMR Chennai. On dates of 3-6 January 2019. The event includes – Nalla Sandhai, Farming Activities, Authentic Food Stalls and Inter College as well as Inter School Activities.

The Event, Village Ticket is mainly focussed on –

Honouring the Farmers –  Village ticket event will honour the farmers who have created positive impact through traditional farming methods.

Honouring the Artists – The event will also felicitate “village artists” who have treasured the traditional art form of the village.

Honouring the Cooks– the event also includes – recognizing of village cooks who have passionately retained the diverse spice and taste of the village food.

The Neverending Problems of the Farmers and Depleting Interest and Attention to tradition and culture has led to the organization of such an Event. Overall, village ticket – The Right event at the Right time.

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