When everyone in Chennai are awaiting the news of actor Vishal’s wedding, they were happily surprised with the announcement from Vishal household stating that wedding arrangements are being made for Vishal’s younger sister Aishwarya Reddy. The production house called VISHAL FILM FACTORY is managed and run by his dear sister Aishwarya, who is soon to wed KritishVumudi, heir of VumudiBangaru jewellers. To mark this blessed event’s occurrence, both the lovely families have visited Kancheepuram kamatchi Amman temple for a special Pooja. The entire family, including elder brother Vikram Krishna and his wife shreya reddy are actively involving themselves in the preparation of this wonderful occasion. Actor Vishal himself has announced that he would be taking a break from movies and throwing spotlight on this gala festive that’s bound to take place soon. The dates for the wedding are yet to be announced and will be specified shortly.