With a wide range of hair colors in the palette, the only confusion that stops women from exploring is the fear of damage to hair. There is a lot of questioning involved here. But not many tend to ask what exactly the hairdressers are doing. Many of us just sip our coffee in the chair and wait until the foils are set and blow dryers are switched on. Hair color doesn’t just rinse across your hair and stain it. It actually has to break through a couple of blockades to set your hair permanently. Once the peroxide (aka bleach) is used to remove your natural color you can dye your hair the color you want. This bleaching concept is basically that it bleaches out the color and makes room for the new molecules.

The original hair color proteins become oxidized and colorless when the cuticle is lifted. Not many are aware of the fact that hair dye is a series of chemicals that start out as puny molecules that are small enough to penetrate into your hair shafts.

While the dye is on your head, the molecules are going developing. So, the longer the dye is on your head the more damage is done to your hair.

Hair texture matters a lot while planning to color it. Curly, frizzy, or unruly hair lightens the color faster and will become cooler-toned when you dye it. The medium hair textures don’t absorb color as easily and will become a slightly warmer tone when you dye it.

Beyond all these factors it is how you maintain your hair with proper care. Unless you are not ready to maintain your hair then coloring is not your kind of fashion